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Leases at a Glance

Lease At A Glance provides you with a display of basic lease information for an individual lease:
  • Lease Identifier
  • Radio Service
  • Classification of Filing
  • Term of Lease
  • Applicant Name & Address
  • Grant/Accepted Date
  • Commencement Date

Expiration Date

Lease At A Glance also provides you with a menu of processing tools to perform transactions on one or more of your leases. Displayed to the right of your lease detail information, this menu is called Work on this Lease.

The menu to the left of your lease information and the links displayed under the Work on this Lease menu to the right of your lease information provide tools for you to process one or more of your leases.

Using the links on the Work on This Lease menu you can perform the following actions:

Lessees of De Facto Transfer leases and licensees acting on behalf of Spectrum Manager lessees may change lessee information, lessee contact information, and or modify ownership, qualification, and regulatory status information for existing leases. Locations may also be added to or modified in a leased geographic area for market-based leases.

Licensees of either De Facto Transfer or Spectrum Manager Leases may Cancel their current leases. Leases past the expiration date should also be canceled. A cancellation application must be filed within 10 days of the lease cancellation date. Parties which have entered into a spectrum leasing arrangement which never commenced must also file a cancellation to indicate this to the Commission.

Extend Term
Licensees of either De Facto Transfer or Spectrum Manager leases may apply to extend the term of a lease(s). For a short-term lease, the final term of the lease must not extend 365 days beyond commencement date, including all extensions of term. The expiration date for both short-term and long-term leases must be equal to or less than the expiration date of the license from which the spectrum is leased. Extensions of Term may not be filed for a lease if the call sign from which the spectrum is leased is expired, unless there is a pending Renewal Only (RO) or Renewal Modification (RM) application on file in pending or returned status for the call sign.

Transfer Control
Lessees of De Facto Transfer leases and licensees acting on behalf of Spectrum Manager lessees may Transfer control of a lessee for specific leases to another party.

Find My Leases
Use this convenient search tool to find leases associated with your FRN. Enter the Lease ID and click the GO button.

If you have multiple Lease IDs associated with your FRN, you will be taken to a search results page. Click on the lease identifier to view information about an individual lease.

If you only have one lease, you go directly to the My Lease At A Glance page for that lease.

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