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Universal Licensing System
Universal Licensing System
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My Licenses

My Licenses

My Licenses is your personal homepage within the ULS License Manager. A summary of general information about each of your licenses, including Call Sign, Licensee Name, Radio Service, and Expiration Date, is displayed in the center of the page. To view detailed information about a license, simply click on the Call Sign to be taken to the License At A Glance detail page for that license.

My Authorizations

Set Paper Authorization Preferences

Set your paper authorization preferences. By selecting Yes, you will continue to receive paper authorizations printed and mailed by the FCC. By selecting No, you will not receive authorizations from the FCC. The preference will default to Yes.

Download Electronic Authorizations

Download your official authorizations electronically. These authorizations are official FCC documents. Users can download authorizations for active licenses at any time and there is no limit to the number of official authorizations a user can download.

Task Menu

My Licenses provides you with the tools to perform tasks on one or more of your FCC wireless licenses. To perform an action, choose a link from the Task Menu on the left hand side of the page. The ULS License manager will display only those tasks for which your licenses may be eligible.

Choose Between the following general license tasks:

Apply for a New License (Not available for all radio services.)

Complete an application for a new license and pay any applicable fees online.

Associate Licenses With Your FRN

If you have licenses in the database that are not currently displayed on this page, it may be because they are not associated with your FRN. Use this link to access the ULS CORES/Call Sign registration feature to associate licenses with FRNs.

Please Note: If you would like to associate a license currently assigned to one FRN to a different FRN associated with your tax payer identification number (TIN), you must contact ULS Technical Support to request this change. The process will be expedited if the person contacting Technical Support is the same person listed as the contact person on the license. Use the link in the bottom right of the ULS License Manager to view the contact information for ULS Technical Support.

Perform the following actions on one or more of your FCC wireless licenses:

Renew Licenses

You can renew one or more of your licenses if they are within the renewal period from 90 days prior to the expiration date to the expiration date. (A grace period is allowed in certain radio services.)

Administrative Updates

Change your licensee name or contact information for all your licenses at once. But you can also update your administrative data when submitting any other type of application.

Request Duplicates

Order official FCC duplicate authorizations. You may also print informational reference copies of your licenses from within the ULS License Manager. (To do so, select the View Complete License link from the License At A Glance detail screen for a specific license. Then choose the Reference Copy link at the top of the page.)

Cancel Licenses (Not available for all radio services.)

Cancel current licenses. Licenses past the expiration date should also be canceled.

My Applications

Use this link to view and check on the status of your ULS applications.

Please Note: If you do not see your licenses, it may be because your licenses have not been associated with your FRN. In order to manage a license using the License Manager, you must first associate the license with your FRN. Go to the ULS homepage and select the CORES/Call Sign button.

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