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Universal Licensing System
Universal Licensing System
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My Applications

My Applications is your applications home page within the ULS License Manager for reviewing and managing your ULS applications. Your applications may be viewed according to their processing status within ULS. If you have two or more applications in different statuses within ULS, a drop down menu will appear at the top right of the display for you to select to view applications by status. Not all statuses are available for all radio services.

Applications in Progress

Saved applications are those applications which you have partially completed. When you abandon a ULS License Manager session without completing all pages of the application and choosing the final Submit Application button, your application is automatically saved for a period of 30 days.* You can return at any time within this time period to continue completing your application or delete it.

Applications Awaiting Action

Submitted applications are those applications which you have completed and submitted to ULS during the current business day, but which have not yet passed through ULS overnight processing. You cannot change or edit these applications once you have submitted them. You may delete these applications during the current business day, and the applications will not be submitted to the Commission.

Note: You will have to apply to the Commission to receive a refund if you paid your fees electronically for these applications. Read More

Pending An application which has been submitted to ULS, but for which electronic processing has stopped because the application requires an examiner’s intervention, fee payments, or other actions before a decision on whether or not the application should be granted may be reached by the Commission.

Returned The application has been submitted to ULS, but electronic processing has been stopped, and the application has been sent to the licensee or contact person listed on the application with instructions to amend the application with corrections or provide additional information.

Consented to The application has been approved by the FCC for assignment or transfer of control. This allows the parties to proceed with the transaction.

HAC Submitted A HAC Report has been submitted but the current date is before the filing period deadline. Therefore, you may still update the HAC Report until the filing period deadline has passed.

Completed Applications (within the past 31 days)

Granted The application has been approved and the license granted by the Commission.

Granted in Part The FCC approved one or more markets within an application and granted a license(s) for these markets, but other markets within the same application have been dismissed.

Consummated The application has been completed by the parties of an assignment or transfer of control transaction and been approved by the FCC. Consummation must occur within 180 days of FCC consent unless an extension of time is granted.

HAC Submitted A HAC Report that has been submitted and may no longer be updated because the filing period has passed. Note: HAC Reports are not removed from the My Applications screen after 31 days.

Other Dispositions (within the past 31 days*)

Withdrawn At the request of the applicant the Commission has ceased processing and dismissed the application.

Dismissed The application has been dismissed by the Commission due to defective information or nonconformance with Commission rules.

* You can use the ULS Application Search to find applications completed and otherwise disposed of more than 31 days ago. However, you cannot change or edit these filings.

Task Menu

My Applications provides you with the tools to perform tasks on one or more of your FCC wireless applications. To perform an action, choose a link in the menu on the left hand side of the page. The ULS License manager will display only those tasks for which your applications may be eligible.

A menu on the left of the My Applications page gives you access to all features of ULS License Manager for both applications and licenses:

Choose Between the following general license tasks:

Apply for a New License

Complete an application for a new license online and pay for fees online (if fees apply). (Not available for the Amateur and Commercial Services). For more help, see the help sections for the individual ULS radio services.

Associate Licenses With Your FRN

Licenses that were granted prior to December 3, 2001, may not be associated with your FRN. Use this tool to associate them with the FRN you used to login to your current License Manager session. (For More Help, follow this link to CORES Call Sign/Registration, then click on the “?” tab at the bottom of the page.)

Use this link to view your FCC wireless licenses homepage:

My Licenses

You may also review the following types of FCC Applications within ULS License Manager:


Available Only for Transferees


Available Only for Assignees

Create a New Pack

Available Only for the Microwave Radio Service.

Submit a Pack

Available Only for the Microwave Radio Service.

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