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License Search Help
License Search, 800MHz Reconfiguration Search

The 800 MHz Reconfiguration Search allows you to search for licenses that are no longer in the Public Safety region. You can specify to search only for call signs, locations, vacated date, or frequencies that match your specified criteria.

The Reset button will clear all the criteria you have chosen below to start a new search. The Search button activates a database search based on the criteria you have chosen below.

Call Sign

You can search for a specific former call sign. A call sign is a combination of letters and numbers that identify an FCC license.

Geographic Search Criteria

You may choose to search only within a specific geographic region. In addition to searching by Call sign, Region Close Date, and Frequencies, you may specify one geographic criteria in your search: Public Safety Region, State/County, or Coordinates. Please be aware that searching on multiple states or counties may result in slower search results.

Public Safety Region

Use the dropdown list to restrict the search to only the selected Public Safety region.


Use the State and Country fields to search only within the specified county. Use the dropdown list to select the state and the corresponding counties will appear in the County(s) field. Select the county(s) that are displayed.


Use the Coordinates field to search only within the specified coordinates. For both the Latitude and Longitude coordinates, enter the degrees, minutes and seconds. For the Latitude coordinates, select either North or South. For the Longitude coordinates, select either East or West.
Region Close Date

Enter the starting and end date if you want to restrict the search to your specified date range.


You can choose to search All Frequencies, an exact frequency in megahertz, or a range of frequencies in megahertz.

Note: Frequencies in a Terminated status are not retrieved when searching by Frequency.

Customize Your Results

These options allow you to customize the display format of the resulting Search report. Three display options are customizable:

The Display field allows you to display a number of results on one screen. Available options are:
  • 10 matches
  • 20 matches
  • 50 matches
  • 100 matches
Sorted By

The Sorted By field allows you to sort the results by field priority. Available options are:
  • Call Sign
  • Licensee Name
  • Radio Service
  • Vacated Date
  • Frequency Assigned
  • Prioritization Wave
  • Public Safety Region

The Order field allows you to sort the results in either ascending or descending order.

Search Results

The ULS Search Results page is created for you each time you submit a search. The top of the page displays the search criteria you used in your Vacated Spectrum search. The number of matches to your search criteria is also displayed. If more than one page of data has been returned, a Numbered Index of links to additional results pages is displayed, along with a Next and Previous button as needed. Searches may return a mixture of licenses and leases.

Added Functionality

Use the links at the top of the Search Results page for navigation and added functionality:

  • Click the New Search button to return to the ULS License Search page from which you began your search. (For example, if you conducted an Advanced Search, you will return to the Advanced Search page.)
  • Click the Refine Search button to return to the ULS License Search page from which you began your search. All of the criteria you initially entered will be pre-filled on the search page. Update this information as necessary to refine your search.
  • Click the Printable Page button to display the current License/Lease Results page without the FCC header and footer in a format that is suitable for printing.
  • Click the Query Download button to save the results of your license or lease search in a pipe-delimited text (*.txt) file (a "|" character separates each field in each record). You can import this file into spreadsheet software such as Excel. Please provide your e-mail address, and then click the "Download" button. You will be informed by e-mail when your results are ready for download. Please refer to ULS Databases for complete information on the file format. Contact tech support if you have questions.
License Information

Detailed information for the License, Market/Location and Frequencies are displayed in rows for each search result.

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