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License Search Help
Search Results

The ULS Search Results page is created for you each time you submit a search. The top of the page displays the search criteria you used in your search (whether you chose a Basic, Advanced, Service-Specific, Specialized Search, Geographic Search). The number of matches to your search criteria is also displayed. If more than one page of data has been returned, a Numbered Index of links to additional results pages is displayed, along with a Next and Previous button as needed. Searches may return a mixture of licenses and leases.

License Information

The Call Sign/Lease ID, Name, FRN, Radio Service, Status, and Expiration Date for each license and lease that matches your search criteria are displayed in rows across the main portion of the page. The following icons may be displayed next to a call sign:

Pending Applications Icon The PA (Pending Application) icon indicates that the license has a ULS application(s) pending.

Termination Pending Icon The TP (Termination Pending) icon indicates that the license or a component(s) of the license is in termination pending status for failure to meet the buildout requirement.

Lease The L (Lease) icon indicates that the license has a Lease attached to that call sign. To view information about the lease, click on the call sign to view the license details and select the leases tab. If a lease record is displayed, no L icon will appear.

Click the call sign of a license or the lease identifier of the lease to access the detailed information for that record.

Added Functionality

Use the links at the top of the Search Results page for navigation and added functionality:

  • Click New Search to return to the ULS License Search page from which you began your search. (For example, if you conducted an Advanced Search, you will return to the Advanced Search page.)
  • Click Refine Search to return to the ULS License Search page from which you began your search. All of the criteria you initially entered will be pre-filled on the search page. Update this information as necessary to refine your search.
  • Click Printable Page to display the current License/Lease Results page without the FCC header and footer in a format that is suitable for printing.
  • Click Query Download to save the results of your license or lease search in a pipe-delimited text (*.txt) file (a "|" character separates each field in each record). You can import this file into spreadsheet software such as Excel. Please provide your e-mail address, and then click the "Download" button. You will be informed by e-mail when your results are ready for download. Please refer to ULS Databases for complete information on the file format. Contact tech support if you have questions.

GIS Mapping Software
Click Map License to connect to the ULS Graphical Information System (GIS). GIS displays a map of the geographical location of all markets for market-based licenses and all locations for site-based licenses.

For more information on using GIS, click the Help button on the GIS screen. Click the Return to Results button to return to the Search Results screen.

Note: GIS Mapping is not available for lease searches.

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