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Buildout Deadline Search

The Buildout Deadline Search identifies wireless licenses that have a construction or coverage requirement, at the license, location, or frequency level, within the specified time frame. For all buildout deadline searches, the user must select an option under the Buildout Deadline Date as presented under the Date Information section.

The search can be further refined by selecting an option under Deadline Information, also in the Date Information section, or by using fields found in other ULS searches such as FRN, Licensee Name, Radio Service Group, Radio Service Code, and Auction ID.

Note: The Buildout Deadline Search does not include the tribal land buildout requirement deadline for licensees that received a tribal land bidding credit. The Buildout Deadline Search will not return licenses or license components (frequencies or locations) that have a terminated status. If all components on a license have been terminated, no search results will be returned for that license.

Search Criteria

The Licensee’s FCC Registration Number (FRN) is a 10-digit number that is assigned by the Commission Registration System (CORES). The FRN is a unique identifier for every entity doing business with the Commission.

Licensee Name

The name of the individual or business entity holding the license.

If searching for an individual's full name as the Licensee Name, enter the name in the following order:

Last Name [Space] Suffix [Comma] [Space] First Name [Space] Middle Initial

Here is an example:
Public Jr, Joe D

Note: Spaces are required between last name and suffix (if there is one), comma and first name, and first name and middle initial (if there is one).

  • You must use a suffix if the individual used one when applying for the license.
  • Do not use periods after the suffix or middle initial.
  • Middle Initial is optional.

    You may search on just the last name by entering the name and using the All Matches search option.
Service Group and Radio Service Code

Each wireless service licensed within The Universal Licensing System (ULS) is part of a group of services under FCC rules.

Buildout Deadline License Search allows you to search for licenses within a selected service group or across service groups.

To search within a service group, choose one of the service groups listed in the pull-down menu. All the radio service codes that belong to the service group you selected will display in the Radio Service Code box. To narrow your search select one or more radio service codes, holding down the Control key to make multiple selections.

To search by radio service code across service groups, leave the Service Group menu selection at the default value of All, and select one or more radio service codes, holding down the Control key to make multiple selections.

Auction ID

Search by the auction number and title abbreviation. For example, select ‘10-BB PCS C2’ for auction 10, Broadband PCS C Block Reauction.

Date Information
Buildout Deadline Date
The dates selected will be used to search ULS on the buildout deadline date. From the Buildout Deadline Date pull-down menu, choose “Select a fixed date range” and then enter a date range in the From and To fields. This date range is limited to a six month period, in the past or in the future, unless the search is further refined by using an FRN.

The user can also choose one of the fixed date ranges, in the past or in the future, such as “In the last 30 days” or “In the next 30 days,” and the dates will automatically be calculated and displayed in the From and To fields. Both the From and To fields must contain a date and the date must be entered in MM/DD/YYY format.

From the top pull-down menu, select the kind of deadline information to be used in the search. The default is “Buildout Deadlines Not Met.”

Deadlines Not Met
Select to find licenses, locations, and frequencies for which the required notifications of construction have not been accepted or granted by the FCC

Deadlines Met
Select to find licenses, locations, and frequencies for which notifications of construction have been accepted or granted by the FCC.

Select to include Both Deadlines Met and Deadlines Not Met in your search

Customize Your Results Report Display Options

These options allow you to customize the display format of the resulting search report. Three display options are customizable:

Allows you to display a specified number of results on one page. Available options are:

  • 10 matches
  • 20 matches
  • 50 matches
  • 100 matches

Sorted By
Allows you to sort the results by field priority. Available options are:

  • Call Sign
  • Licensee Name
  • FRN
  • Radio Service
  • Status Code
  • Expiration Date

Allows you to specify either ascending or descending order.

Search Results

The ULS Search Results page is created for you each time you submit a search. The top of the page displays the different search criteria you specified. The number of matches to your search criteria is also displayed. If more than one page of data has been returned, a numbered index of links to additional results pages is displayed, along with a Next and Previous button as needed.

Buildout deadlines for the location or frequency level may be viewed at the level in question.

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