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License Search Help
About License Search

Welcome to ULS License Search. You can access several different search tools from the License Search homepage. Choose one of the following:

Basic Search

Basic Search enables you to search for a wide range of licenses in the Universal Licensing System quickly and easily. Select one of the following four basic attributes to guide your search:

  • Call Sign
  • FRN
  • Licensee Name

Basic License Search Help

Advanced Search

Advanced License Search allows you to search for licenses of any radio service code based on combinations of general attributes found on most licenses. Enter as much or as little data as you choose in the following categories:

  • Call Sign
  • Service Group and Radio Service Group
  • Licensee Name

Advanced License Search Help

Geographic Search

Search in a radius around a geographic point you specify by choosing the Geosearch link from the ULS License Search homepage. You can also select search criteria in Advanced License Search and then refine your query within geographic boundaries by choosing the Geosearch button at the bottom of the Advanced Search page.

Geographic Search Help

Market-Based Searches

Market-based Search offers all the functionality of ULS Advanced Search but conveniently narrows your search to just market-based licenses. Also, the new market-based search allows you to search for Cellular licenses and cellular market areas (CMAs).

Market-Based Search Help

Site-Based Search

The Site Based License Search allows you to search for any site based application. Choose from a range of search criteria, which include all the fields available in ULS Advanced License Search as well as radio services, station class, Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) Number, and frequency information.

Site-Based Search Help

Buildout Deadline Search

The Buildout Deadline Search identifies wireless licenses that have a construction or coverage requirement, at the license, location, or frequency level, within the specified time frame. For all buildout deadline searches, the user must select an option under the Buildout Deadline Date as presented under the Date Information section. The search can be further refined by selecting an option under Deadline Information, also in the Date Information section, or by using fields found in other ULS searches such as FRN, Licensee Name, Radio Service Group, Radio Service Code, and Auction ID.

Buildout Deadline Search Help

Service-Specific Searches

Use a Service-Specific Search to narrow your query to criteria that will only appear on licenses in specific wireless services. Service-Specific Searches are available for the following:

Service Specific Searches Help

License Information
The Call Sign, Licensee Name, FRN, Radio Service, Status, and Expiration Date for each license that matches your search criteria are displayed in rows across the main portion of the page. Click the call sign of a license to access the detailed License information for that license.

Use the links at the top of the Search Results page for navigation and added functionality:

  • Click New Search to return to the ULS License Search page from which you began your search. (For example, if you conducted an Advanced Search, you will return to the Advanced Search page.)
  • Click Refine Search to return to the ULS License Search page from which you began your search. All of the criteria you initially entered will be pre-filled on the search page. Update this information as necessary to refine your search.
  • Click Printable Page to display the License Detail page without the FCC header and footer and in a format suitable for printing.
  • Click Query Download to save the results of your license search in a pipe-delimited text (*.txt) file (a "|" character separates each field in each record). You can import this file into spreadsheet software such as Excel. Please provide your e-mail address, and then click the "Download" button. You will be informed by e-mail when your results are ready for download. Please refer to ULS Databases for complete information on the file format. Contact tech support if you have questions.
  • Click Map License to create dynamic maps and display the licensed spectrum in relation to geographical boundaries.
  • Click Help to access License Search Help.
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