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Non-docketed Pleadings
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Non-docketed Pleadings
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Warning Message If your pleading refers to a docketed or rulemaking proceeding, please use the FCC's Electronic Comments Filing System.

Pleading Information

Provide the following information for the party on whose behalf the Pleading is made.
If the party submmitting the Pleading is different from the Petitioner, provide the following information.

Warning Message This cover page is not part of the legal proceeding. The pleading is the document you attach to this cover sheet and it must be complete in itself. All pleadings filed with the FCC must be in compliance with Commission rules. Pleadings must be dated and must include a signature, in this instance an electronic signature, and the address and phone number of the signing party. See 47 C.F.R. Part 1.


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