ULS License
PubSafty/SpecEmer/PubSaftyNtlPlan,806-817/851-862MHz,Trunked License - WPWE855 - MESA, CITY OF
Frequency 000852.30000000

Call Sign WPWE855   Radio Service YE - PubSafty/SpecEmer/PubSaftyNtlPlan,806-817/851-862MHz,Trunked
Frequency 000852.30000000
Station Class FB2 - Mobile Relay   Output Power 20.000  
Units 1   Paging Rec   Maximum ERP 93.800  
8K70D1W FCC Admin Serial Number   Date Sent  
  IFRB Serial Number   Date into Register  
Buildout Dates
First Use 02/07/2020   Deadline 02/07/2021   Notification 06/19/2020  
No COSER information on file
No IRAC information on file
Special Condition Frequency Special Conditions
Licensee must use a RFI model BPA7496 Directional Panel Antenna or antenna with equivalent technical specifications at 260 degrees azimuth and a down tilt of 5 degrees.