ULS License
Public Safety Pool, Conventional License - WQCR602 - BOWLING GREEN FIRE, CITY OF
Frequency 000159.36000000

Call Sign WQCR602   Radio Service PW - Public Safety Pool, Conventional
Frequency 000159.36000000
Station Class MO3 - Mobile/Vehicular Repeater   Output Power 2.000  
Units 1   Paging Rec   Maximum ERP 2.000  
11K2F3E FCC Admin Serial Number   Date Sent  
  IFRB Serial Number   Date into Register  
Buildout Dates
First Use 05/09/2005   Deadline 05/09/2006   Notification 06/09/2005  
No COSER information on file
No IRAC information on file
Special Condition Frequency Special Conditions
Operation on this frequency is on a non-interference basis to Canadian operations and you must accept all interference from operations in Canada. Licensee is responsible for resolving any complaints of interference to Canadian systems arising from operations on this frequency, including, if necessary, cessation of such operations.