ULS License
Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional License - WRDC816 - Precision Stone
Frequency 000154.52750000

 Tetminated  This call sign or a component(s) of this call sign is in termination pending status for failure to meet the buildout requirement.
Call Sign WRDC816   Radio Service IG - Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional
Frequency 000154.52750000
Station Class MOI - Mobile - Itinerant   Output Power 25.000  
Units 25   Paging Rec   Maximum ERP 35.000  
11K2F3E FCC Admin Serial Number   Date Sent  
  IFRB Serial Number   Date into Register  
Buildout Dates
First Use 03/29/2019   Deadline   Notification  
No COSER information on file
No IRAC information on file
Special Condition Frequency Special Conditions