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Public Safety Pool, Conventional License - WPQG811 - FAYETTE COUNTY IA E911 SERVICE BOARD
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Call Sign WPQG811   Radio Service PW - Public Safety Pool, Conventional
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
10/10/2023  0010724051
AU - Administrative Update
05/20/2015  0006809512
RO - Renewal Only
10/17/2012  0005450628
MD - Modification
All Applications (7)
Automated Letters and Authorizations
04/20/2015 5982850 Renewal Reminder -- Licensee
10/23/2006 4285456 Construct/Coverage Reminder
04/21/2005 3457325 FRN Association/Change
All Automated Letters and Authorizations (6)
  1034G IS ATTACHED FOR D125942; DATED 8/27/99. [G1]  
10/11/2023  Administrative Update Applied 
05/21/2015  License Renewed 
05/20/2015  Application receipt email sent: ULS email 
All History (20)
Special Conditions
Refer to Locations and Frequencies Tabs for special conditions at those levels
Antenna structures for land, base and fixed stations authorized for operation at temporary unspecified locations may be erected without specific prior approval of the Commission where such antenna structures do not exceed a height of 60.96 meters (200 feet) above ground level; provided that the overall height of such antennas more than 6.10 meters (20 feet) above ground, including their supporting structures (whether natural formation or man-made), do not exceed any of the slope ratios set forth in Section 17.7(b). Any antenna to be erected in excess of the foregoing limitations requires prior Commission approval. Licensees seeking such approval should file application for modification of license. In addition, notification to the Federal Aviation Administration is required whenever the antenna will exceed 60.96 meters (200 feet) above the ground and whenever notification is otherwise required by Section 17.7 of the Commission's Rules. Such notification should be given by filing FAA Form 7460-1, Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration, in duplicate, with the nearest office of the Federal Aviation Administration, which form is available from that office.  
Type Description Date Entered
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