ULS License
Public Safety Pool, Conventional License - WPZA693 - Harris, County of

Call Sign WPZA693   Radio Service PW - Public Safety Pool, Conventional
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
02/13/2014  0006149992  
RO - Renewal Only
09/10/2003  0001447165  
NE - New
Automated Letters and Authorizations
09/23/2013 5657870 Renewal Reminder 
05/03/2014  License Status Set to Expired 
02/13/2014  Application receipt email sent: ULS email 
12/06/2013  Public Safety Renewal email sent: ULS email 
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Special Conditions
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This authorization is issued under the condition that harmful interference will not be caused to Federal government stations. - NOTE: Federal government stations may be transitioning to narrowband operations and most are required to do so by Jan. 1, 2005, i.e ., operating 12.5 kHz bandwidth equipment--in some cases using center frequencies "offset" 12.5 kHz from your center frequency(s). Federal government stations are licensed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). For information on the Federal government's transition to narrowband operations, go to NTIA's Office of Spectrum Management home page at: http://www.ntia.doc.gov/osmhome/osmhome.html Non-Federal licensees should note that operation of "25 kHz equipment" increases the likelihood of causing interference to Federal government stations. If interference is caused, non-Federal users must cease operating and modify operations so as not to cause harmful interference to Federal government stations.  
Type Description Date Entered