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PubSafty/SpecEmer/PubSaftyNtlPlan,806-817/851-862MHz,Conv License - WQHV883 - CALIFORNIA, STATE OF

Call Sign WQHV883   Radio Service GE - PubSafty/SpecEmer/PubSaftyNtlPlan,806-817/851-862MHz,Conv
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
03/29/2021  0009472709  
RO - Renewal Only
03/12/2021  0009451043  
RO - Renewal Only
12/03/2020  0009318282  
RO - Renewal Only
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Automated Letters and Authorizations
12/12/2020 Authorization 
06/09/2020 Authorization 
04/28/2020 Authorization 
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12/11/2020  License Renewed 
06/08/2020  License Renewed 
04/28/2020  Administrative Update Applied 
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Special Conditions
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You are advised that this STA is issued without prejudice to any subsequent channel assignment that may be made in connection with reconfiguration of the 800 MHz band pursuant to Report & Order, FCC 04-168, released August 6, 2004 & Supplemental Order, FCC 04-294, released December 22, 2004. Further, grant of this STA does not establish precedence for the requested channels when the 800 MHz band is reconfigured -- you may be required to file an application for modification of license to specify frequencies other than those covered by this STA.  
Special Temporary Authority is authorized on a secondary non-interference basis.  
Grant of the request to update licensee name is conditioned on it not reflecting an assignment or transfer of control (see Rule 1.948); if an assignment or transfer occurred without proper notification or FCC approval, the grant is void and the station is licensed under the prior name.  
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