ULS License
Broadcast Auxiliary Low Power License - WQFB893 - HEARST PROPERTIES INC.

Call Sign WQFB893   Radio Service LP - Broadcast Auxiliary Low Power
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
02/17/2017  0007666306  
AU - Administrative Update
06/09/2006  0002572234  
AM - Amendment
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02/18/2017 Authorization 
01/10/2017 Authorization 
10/30/2015 Authorization 
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01/07/2017  License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.  
10/29/2015  License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.  
08/01/2015  License renewed since parent station was renewed IN CDBS.  
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02/18/2017  Administrative Update Applied 
01/11/2017  Action PN Generated 
01/10/2017  Authorization Printed 
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Special Conditions
Refer to Locations and Frequencies Tabs for special conditions at those levels
Pursuant to Section 74.832(H) of the Commission rules, this equipment may be operated outside your official city of license (Lancaster, PA) subject to prior frequency coordination with the local frequency coordination committee. If no frequency coordination committee is available, prior frequency use must be coordinated with other frequency users in the area of operation. The Commission reserves the right to suspend your operations immediately, without notice of hearing, upon notification of perceptible interference to other authorized users. Use of this equipment is further conditioned that operation is only during televised games. This authorization is secondary to any current or future grants for land mobile or television operations.  
Type Description Date Entered
Letter  Adm Update to License Delete Freq bands Between 698-806  08/07/2014