ULS License
Public Safety Pool, Conventional License - WQIB265 - San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter, American Red Cross

Call Sign WQIB265   Radio Service PW - Public Safety Pool, Conventional
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
11/29/2007  0003238950  
DC - Data Correction
Automated Letters and Authorizations
12/18/2007 Authorization 
03/08/2008  License Status Set to Expired 
12/17/2007  License Issued 
Special Conditions
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Rule 1.925 requires that waiver requests contain a complete explanation of why a waiver is required and demonstrate that the underlying purpose of the Rule would not be served or that there are unique or unusual circumstances, and no reasonable alternative. Your request for waiver to use a designated interoperability for internal communications is dismissed. The fact that the channel was authorized previously, and you intend to monitor does not appear to be sufficient justification. The waiver failed to show that other frequencies which can be used for internal communications were not available. Also there was nothing from the State of California which is authorized to use the channel for interoperability in the area. Further, there was no indication that monitoring the channel would not prevent or delay its use for intended purpose of facilitating interoperable communications especially at a large event. Should the Red Cross require another channel for this event it may to modify its STA to add a channel which is available under the Rules.  
This license has been granted-in-part pursuant to Rule 1.945. Interoperability channel 453/458.7125 has been deleted.  
Special Temporary Authority is authorized on a secondary non-interference basis.  
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