ULS License
Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup License - WQFL692 - WLII/WSUR LICENSE PARTNERSHIP, G.P.

Call Sign WQFL692   Radio Service RP - Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
02/18/2009  0003743384  
AU - Administrative Update
06/09/2006  0002644543  
NE - New
Automated Letters and Authorizations
02/02/2013 Authorization 
05/07/2009 Authorization 
02/20/2009 4836189 Application Receipt 
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02/01/2013  License renewed since parent station was renewed IN CDBS.  
05/06/2009  License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.  
12/20/2007  License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.  
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02/06/2013  Action PN Generated 
02/02/2013  Authorization Printed 
02/01/2013  License Renewed 
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Special Conditions
Refer to Locations and Frequencies Tabs for special conditions at those levels
The license term is concurrent with the parent station licensed with FAC ID 60341.  
Type Description Date Entered
Letter  Grant of Petition for Reconsideration  10/16/2007 
Pleading  -  Petition for Reconsideration Petition for Reconsideration  10/08/2007 
Pleading  -  Petition for Reconsideration PETITION FOR RECONSIDERATION  10/08/2007