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PubSafty/SpecEmer/PubSaftyNtlPlan,806-817/851-862MHz,Trunked License - WPUL321 - COUNCIL BLUFFS, CITY OF
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Call Sign WPUL321   Radio Service YE - PubSafty/SpecEmer/PubSaftyNtlPlan,806-817/851-862MHz,Trunked
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
03/02/2022  0009936204
AU - Administrative Update
03/02/2022  0009936158
RO - Renewal Only
03/26/2014  0006214341
AU - Administrative Update
All Applications (25)
Automated Letters and Authorizations
01/03/2022 6905049 Renewal Reminder -- Licensee
01/23/2012 5300205 Application Receipt -- Licensee
01/02/2012 5287052 Renewal Reminder -- Licensee
All Automated Letters and Authorizations (14)
03/03/2022  Administrative Update Applied 
03/03/2022  License Renewed 
02/24/2022  Public Safety Renewal email sent: ULS email 
All History (35)
Special Conditions
Refer to Locations and Frequencies Tabs for special conditions at those levels
Prior to commencing operations on any channel or channels specified under this authorization, the licensee must provide at least 60 days written or electronic notice to Sprint Nextel Corporation that it intends to activate the channel(s) for testing or commencement of operations. Sprint Nextel must cease operation on the channel(s) specified in the notice by the intended date to the extent necessary to comply with the co-channel spacing requirements of 90.621(b), after which the licensee may activate the channel(s). Sprint Nextel Corporation has established an email box to receive these notifications at 800mhzinterleavedspectrum@sprint.com.  
Type Description Date Entered
Pleading  -  Waiver Request Waiver of rule 90.629 statement  05/15/2008 
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