ULS License
Educational Broadband Service License - WHR817 - EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY

Call Sign WHR817   Radio Service ED - Educational Broadband Service
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
03/09/2021  0009439012  
LN - New Lease
03/15/2017  0007700572  
RM - Renewal/Modification
10/24/2011  0004925115  
NT - Required Notification (1)
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Automated Letters and Authorizations
03/06/2017 6236060 Renewal Reminder 
02/01/2011 5101847 Construct/Coverage Reminder 
02/01/2011 5101846 Construct/Coverage Reminder 
All Automated Letters and Authorizations (5)
07/09/2005  This authorization has been converted to a Geographic Service Area in accordance with Rule 27.1206 (see Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, WT Docket 03-66, FCC 04-135, released July 29, 2004). Callsign(s): WHR817  
03/19/2004  Corrected PO Box on license which was removed from the license in error/jjs  
03/03/2004  Corrected license to remove PO Box so address will be the same as in CDBS/jjs  
06/01/2017  License Renewed 
03/06/2017  Renewal Reminder Letter Sent 
02/26/2017  Public Safety Renewal email sent: ULS email 
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Special Conditions
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Grant of the request to update licensee name is conditioned on it not reflecting an assignment or transfer of control (see Rule 1.948); if an assignment or transfer occurred without proper notification or FCC approval, the grant is void and the station islicensed under the prior name.  
Type Description Date Entered
Data Correction  DATA UPDATE  03/04/2003