ULS License
Educational Broadband Service License - WLX876 - LAMAR R-1 SCHOOL DISTRICT

Call Sign WLX876   Radio Service ED - Educational Broadband Service
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
02/16/2024  0010924967  
AU - Administrative Update
05/16/2023  0010548946  
RO - Renewal Only
12/11/2020  0009320386  
LN - New Lease
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Automated Letters and Authorizations
02/20/2023 7444211 Renewal Reminder 
09/18/2013 5656125 Application Receipt 
05/15/2013 5592307 Application Receipt 
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07/09/2005  This authorization has been converted to a Geographic Service Area in accordance with Rule 27.1206 (see Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, WT Docket 03-66, FCC 04-135, released July 29, 2004). Callsign(s): WLX876  
02/17/2024  Administrative Update Applied 
07/12/2023  License Renewed 
05/08/2023  Public Safety Renewal email sent: ULS email 
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Special Conditions
Refer to Locations and Frequencies Tabs for special conditions at those levels
The Geographic Service Area for Channels D3 and D4 shall be limited as described in the exhibits entitled Proposed D3/D4 Appending WLX876 and Exhibit to Form 601 WLX876 File Number 0005936247.  
Type Description Date Entered
Letter  Reference in response to PN DA 02-2751  10/28/2003