ULS License
Public Safety Pool, Conventional License - KIU642 - Stark County

Call Sign KIU642   Radio Service PW - Public Safety Pool, Conventional
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
02/28/2023  0010437040  
RO - Renewal Only
04/30/2018  0008192000  
AU - Administrative Update
09/07/2017  0007919053  
NT - Required Notification (S)
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Automated Letters and Authorizations
12/05/2022 7399074 Renewal Reminder 
08/29/2017 6290200 Construct/Coverage Reminder 
12/10/2012 5497135 Renewal Reminder 
All Automated Letters and Authorizations (7)
02/06/2009  Frequency 155.13000000, Antenna 1, Location 4 ND: has been returned to Active status as a result of an approved PFR.  
01/14/2009  KIU642, Location 4 Frequency 155.13000000 has entered the auto termination process on 01/14/2009.  
03/01/2023  License Renewed 
12/05/2022  Renewal Reminder Letter Sent 
05/01/2018  Administrative Update Applied 
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Special Conditions
Refer to Locations and Frequencies Tabs for special conditions at those levels
Special Condition for AU/name change (6/4/2016): Grant of the request to update licensee name is conditioned on it not reflecting an assignment or transfer of control (see Rule 1.948); if an assignment or transfer occurred without proper notification or FCC approval, the grant is void and the station is licensed under the prior name.  
Type Description Date Entered
Letter  Grant of Petition for Reconsideration  02/06/2009 
Pleading  -  Petition for Reconsideration Stark County Pleading  01/22/2009