ULS License
Public Safety Pool, Conventional License - WQJX511 - LOS ANGELES, COUNTY OF

Call Sign WQJX511   Radio Service PW - Public Safety Pool, Conventional
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
01/02/2020  0008929283  
MD - Modification
12/31/2018  0008483895  
MD - Modification
11/15/2018  0008438559  
RO - Renewal Only
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Automated Letters and Authorizations
11/12/2018 6424561 Renewal Reminder 
10/02/2018 6411812 Construct/Coverage Reminder 
10/01/2016 Authorization 
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11/12/2018  Renewal Reminder Letter Sent 
11/05/2018  Public Safety Renewal email failed: ULS email 
10/02/2018  Construction/Coverage Reminder Letter Sent 
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Special Conditions
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Request for waiver of the Commission's rules to authorize public safety communications in the 476-482 MHz band is granted per DA 08-2823, released December 30, 2008, subject to the following conditions: (1) The County's operations on TV Channel 15 must not commence before February 18, 2009; and (2) notwithstanding the first condition, the County's operations on TV Channel 15 must not interfere with over-the-air reception of Station KPBS broadcasts on TV Channel 15.  
Waiver of Rule 90.629 to extend construction deadline until December 31, 2018 granted pursuant to DA 16-1099 released on September 29, 2016.  
Failure to certify annually as to station construction commitments will terminate the authority for the extended implementation period and will require complete system construction within six months of the first missed annual certification date.  
Type Description Date Entered
Pleading  -  Status Report ANNUAL CONSTRUCTION STATUS REPORT  04/22/2020