ULS License
Educational Broadband Service License - KZW56 - BD OF ED OF BIRMINGHAN, ALABAMA

Call Sign KZW56   Radio Service ED - Educational Broadband Service
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
02/14/2020  0008975363  
LN - New Lease
12/22/2014  0006563828  
AM - Amendment
12/16/2014  0006563828  
AM - Amendment
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Automated Letters and Authorizations
01/29/2015 Authorization 
12/22/2014 5916424 Renewal Reminder 
01/05/2012 Authorization 
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12/23/2011  KZW56 has been returned to Active status as a result of an approved PFR.  
12/07/2011  KZW56 has entered the auto termination process on 12/07/2011.  
07/09/2005  This authorization has been converted to a Geographic Service Area in accordance with Rule 27.1206 (see Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, WT Docket 03-66, FCC 04-135, released July 29, 2004). Callsign(s): KZW56  
01/27/2015  License Renewed 
12/22/2014  Renewal Reminder Letter Sent 
12/16/2014  Application receipt email sent: ULS email 
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Special Conditions
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Type Description Date Entered
Letter  Grant of Petition for Reconsideration  12/20/2011 
Pleading  -  Petition for Reconsideration Letter of pleading to reconsider  12/14/2011 
Data Correction  ATTACHING INFORMATION  03/03/2003