ULS License
Public Safety Pool, Conventional License - WQPE904 - Norwalk La Mirada Unified School District

Call Sign WQPE904   Radio Service PW - Public Safety Pool, Conventional
Receipt Date File Number and Type Status
04/24/2012  0005177923  
NE - New
Automated Letters and Authorizations
04/27/2012 Authorization 
12/29/2012  License Status Set to Expired 
04/26/2012  License Issued 
Special Conditions
Refer to Locations and Frequencies Tabs for special conditions at those levels
Special Temporary Authority is authorized on a secondary non-interference basis.  
This Special Temporary Authorization may be terminated at the Bureau's discretion, without a hearing, if conditions warrant. Under no circumstances may the facility(ies) authorized herein become a hazard to air navigation or violate the terms of an international agreement or treaty. If an application for permanent authority is on file with the Commission, this action is taken without prejudice to that application. Post and/or retain a copy of this authorization as required by the Commission's Rules.  
Type Description Date Entered