ULS Lease
B392 - L000042238 - American Wireless, Inc.
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Lease ID L000042238  Radio Service BR - Broadband Radio Service
Status Canceled  Classification of Lease De Facto Transfer Lease 
    Term of Lease Long 
Market BTA392  -  St. George, UT
Channel Block  
Submarket Associated Frequencies (MHz) New BRS1: 002496.00000-002502.00000 MHz
New BRS2: 002618.00000-002624.00000 MHz
New E1: 002624.00000-002629.50000 MHz
New E2: 002629.50000-002635.00000 MHz
New E3: 002635.00000-002640.50000 MHz
New E4: 002608.00000-002614.00000 MHz
New F1: 002640.50000-002646.00000 MHz
New F2: 002646.00000-002651.50000 MHz
New F3: 002651.50000-002657.00000 MHz
New F4: 002602.00000-002608.00000 MHz
New H1: 002657.00000-002662.50000 MHz
New H2: 002662.50000-002668.00000 MHz
New H3: 002668.00000-002673.50000 MHz
Auction 06 - MDS 3.7 GHz License Type
3.7 GHz Linked License
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