0010452873 - Nextel West Corp

File Number 0010452873   Application Status Q - Accepted  
Transaction Information
Other Wireless Licenses Yes   Lead Application File Number
Non-Wireless Licenses No   Is this Filing the Lead Application? Yes 
Already Occurred Yes   Already Occurred Date 02/28/2023
Voluntary/Involuntary Voluntary   Involuntary Date
Pro Forma Yes   Accomplished By Transfer of stock or other ownership interests  
Forbearance Yes   Forbearance Date

Partition and Disaggregation   Full/Partial


Designated Entity Information
Bidding Credits Involved No  
Closed Bidding Licenses Involved  
Competition Related Information
Geographic Overlap No  
Reduced Service Providers  
Broadband Radio Service and Educational Broadband Service Information
Multichannel Video Programming No   Cable TV Attributable Interest


Section 27.1203 Programming Requirements Yes  
600 MHz Information
600 MHz Geographic Overlap No 
Ownership Disclosure Information
Form 602 Required Yes   Form 602 File Number 0010450774