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Educational Broadband Service - 0009155746 - Pueblo of Tesuque
Service Specific
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File Number 0009155746   Radio Service ED - Educational Broadband Service
Call Sign WRJS797   Application Status G - Granted  
Broadband Radio Service and Educational Broadband Service Information
Will the requested facilities be used to provide multichannel video programming service?  
If the answer to the above question is yes, does the Applicant operate, control or have an attributable interest (as defined in 47 CFR § 27.1202) in a cable television system whose franchise area is located within the geographic service area of the requested facilities?
Does the Applicant comply with the programming requirements contained in 47 CFR § 27.1203?  
Does the Applicant comply with 47 CFR §§ 27.50, 27.55, and 27.1221?  
Transition Areas
Basic Trading Area Description
Channel Plan/Channel Number Information
Action Performed Channel Plan Channel Number
Add   A1      002502.00000-002507.50000 MHz
Add   A2      002507.50000-002513.00000 MHz
Add   A3      002513.00000-002518.50000 MHz
Add   B1      002518.50000-002524.00000 MHz
Add   B2      002524.00000-002529.50000 MHz
Add   B3      002529.50000-002535.00000 MHz
Add   C1      002535.00000-002540.50000 MHz
Add   C2      002540.50000-002546.00000 MHz
Add   C3      002546.00000-002551.50000 MHz
Add   D1      002551.50000-002557.00000 MHz
Add   D2      002557.00000-002562.50000 MHz
Add   D3      002562.50000-002568.00000 MHz
Add   JA1      002568.00000-002568.33333 MHz
Add   JA2      002568.33333-002568.66666 MHz
Add   JA3      002568.66666-002569.00000 MHz
Add   JB1      002569.00000-002569.33333 MHz
Add   JB2      002569.33333-002569.66666 MHz
Add   JB3      002569.66666-002570.00000 MHz
Add   JC1      002570.00000-002570.33333 MHz
Add   JC2      002570.33333-002570.66666 MHz
Add   JC3      002570.66666-002571.00000 MHz
Add   JD1      002571.00000-002571.33333 MHz
Add   JD2      002571.33333-002571.66666 MHz
Add   JD3      002571.66666-002572.00000 MHz
Add   A4      002572.00000-002578.00000 MHz
Add   B4      002578.00000-002584.00000 MHz
Add   C4      002584.00000-002590.00000 MHz
Add   D4      002590.00000-002596.00000 MHz
Add   G4      002596.00000-002602.00000 MHz
Add   KG1      002615.00000-002615.33333 MHz
Add   KG2      002615.33333-002615.66666 MHz
Add   KG3      002615.66666-002616.00000 MHz
Add   G1      002673.50000-002679.00000 MHz
Add   G2      002679.00000-002684.50000 MHz
Add   G3      002684.50000-002690.00000 MHz
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