ULS Application
Amateur - 0003435182 - Lee, EunKwang

File Number 0003435182   Radio Service HA - Amateur
Call Sign KB3OCQ   Application Status G - Granted  
General Information
Application Purpose AU - Administrative Update  
Authorization Type Regular   
Receipt Date 05/13/2008  Action Date 05/15/2008 
Entered Date 05/13/2008  Requested Expiration Date  
Waiver No   Application Fee Exempt No  
Attachments No   Regulatory Fee Exempt No  
Applicant Information
FRN 0014746119   Type Individual  
Name Lee, EunKwang
6024 Cedar Ln
Columbia MD, MD 21044
If the licensee name is being updated, is the update a result from the sale (or transfer of control) of the license(s) to another party and for which proper Commission approval has not been received or proper notification not provided? No