ULS Application
Industrial/Business Pool - Commercial, Conventional - 0008662440 - MS Airwaves, Inc.

File Number 0008662440   Radio Service IK - Industrial/Business Pool - Commercial, Conventional
Call Sign WIK657   Application Status 2 - Pending  
General Information
Application Purpose RO - Renewal Only
Existing Radio Service  
Authorization Type Regular  Emergency STA  
Receipt Date 05/28/2019  Action Date 05/29/2019 
Entered Date 05/25/2019  Requested Expiration Date  
Waiver No   Number of Rules  
Attachments No   Grandfathered Privileges  
Application Fee Exempt No   Regulatory Fee Exempt No  
Major Request    
Applicant Information
FRN 0006622633   Type Corporation  
Name MS Airwaves, Inc.
P. O Box 403
Bass Lake, CA 93604
ATTN Marc Sobel
Real Party in Interest   FRN of Real Party in Interest