ULS Application
Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional - 0008703175 - Shell Oil Product US

File Number 0008703175   Radio Service IG - Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional
Call Sign WQZI427   Application Status G - Granted  
General Information
Application Purpose MD - Modification
Existing Radio Service  
Authorization Type Regular  Emergency STA  
Receipt Date 06/24/2019  Action Date 08/13/2019 
Entered Date 06/24/2019  Requested Expiration Date  
Waiver No   Number of Rules
Attachments No   Grandfathered Privileges No  
Application Fee Exempt No   Regulatory Fee Exempt No  
Major Request Yes    
Applicant Information
FRN 0026443960   Type Corporation  
Name Shell Oil Product US
200 Falcon St
Wilmington, CA 90744
ATTN Andrei Hernandez
Real Party in Interest   FRN of Real Party in Interest  
If the licensee name is being updated, is the update a result from the sale (or transfer of control) of the license(s) to another party and for which proper Commission approval has not been received or proper notification not provided? No  
Contact Information
Name Bearcom Operating LLC
Shoja Anvari
P.O. Box 559001
Dallas, TX 75355-9001
Qualifications, Ownership
Radio Service Type Fixed, Mobile  
Regulatory Status Private Comm   Interconnected No  
Alien Ownership
The Applicant answered "No" to each of the Alien Ownership questions.
Basic Qualifications
The Applicant answered "No" to each of the Basic Qualification questions.
Ethnicity   Gender